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Wonderful sutra from Gurudev. It amazes me that every line Gurudev speaks can be quoted as a Sutra. Anywhere , any context , every word and every line He speaks has a purpose and a meaning. Either its  profound with some inner meaning or its a practical tip to lead a better , smarter life. I am not try to exaggerate here beacause of my love and devotion for Him , maybe this is the case with all Enlightened Beings , but am sure of this phenomenon with Guruji. Am looking forward to meet him on his star Birthday on May 9th and have fun.

“Life gives you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness”

Ponder over this line and make it part of you , it will give us immense strength to face and handle any situation in life and “Accept people, things and situations as they are”.


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The sattvic intellect is one that just does the job joyfully and is unmindful of the results. Let things happen or not happen—either way they don’t lose their enthusiasm.

– His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar

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Q & A with Guruji

Question : Guruji, after having done so much of sadhana also I get negative thoughts. This leads me to very awkward feelings. What do I do?

Guruji: You know, don’t bother too much about the thoughts. I tell you it comes and goes. But if you see that you are still not able to handle them then… then you should run!! Just run for some few kilometers! And then you will feel so much out of breath that no thoughts can come to you.(Laughter!!) Or can you swim? Do you know to swim? Ok so swim… Swim for a few hrs and then you will see not a single thought is coming to you! Just do as I tell you. 5 kms of run. But do it in the daytime. At night if you run then police will follow you. (Laughter!!)

Question : Guruji I have seen you 13 years back once. And after a long gap I am seeing you now. Guruji am so shocked to see that age has not touched you. How have you kept yourself so young!??! Guruji, my next question is I am very restless. How do I handle this restlessness?

Guruji: Have you done the Sudarshan Kriya? No? You should do the Sudarshan kriya!

Same devotee who asked the above question: Guruji what else?

Guruji : What else? (Laughter!!) You are asking what else? (Laughter!!) Ok pranayama, Meditations. Are you in TTC? No? Then you should do the Teachers Training Course. It makes you so firm! Then nothing shakes you!! (Laughter!!) 15 days of grinding and grooming!! (Laughter!!) Its good! Very good!

Question : What is life force?

Guruji : How are you speaking? There is some life, that’s how, right? Are you alive? Yes you are. If you are not living you cant speak, right? So that
which is getting the drive in you to speak is the life force. When you in Satwa then your parana is high. You feel more energetic. But if you eat too much then it is not so high. And if you eat more than that then you know what happens to you!!

Question : Guruji, how to sharpen my memory?

Guruji : I’ll tell you the answer by 15th July 2019. (Laughter!!) When will I tell you I said? Let me see if you remember.

Question : Why is your name not there in any book?

Guruji : You asked me this question yesterday also right? And I answered you…

Question : Guruji, at times I get very angry, How do I deal with it?

Guruji : You like perfection. Right? You are a perfectionist. If you leave a little space for imperfection then you will see things are different. Then you
can have but anger will never have you!!

Question : Guruji, what should we do for the less fortunate people?

Guruji : You are fortunate, you have the eyes the ears, the legs, the hands the tongue in place and perfect! You should use in a proper way to do good to others.

Question : Guruji, I don’t get sleep at night, Only get our thoughts of you at all the times.. What should I do?

Guruji : (laughter!!) That’s all right no?!!?

Question : Guruji, what happens when we die?

Guruji : You know I want you to have some surprise when you die. (Laughter!!) If I tell you everything right now then you will not enjoy the scene after death! Then you will feel “Oh! I already knew it!!” (Laughter!!)

Question : Guruji, what is the difference between Atma and Paramatma?

Guruji : Atma came in the beginning and Paramatama is beyond that. The in between the Atma and Paramatma is the Mahatma. (Laughter!!) So catch hold of the Mahatma and see the atma to ultimately reach the Paramatma.

Question : What is the spirit?

Guruji : Spirit is the life force. That helps you to see, helps you to function..Like the thoughts arrive. Its like electricity, it is there you cannot see it. But you can see the lights shining! The air condition working! The fans moving! But cannot see the electricity. Similarly the prana you cannot see. Do you see this?

Question : Guruji, how to realize the soul?

Guruji : Have you done the Sudarshan Kriya? Yes. Tell me how do you feel? Blank? That is it!

Question : Guruji, how can we prevent the mind going around the world?

Guruji : Have you done the advance course? The part II program? There are several meditations there to help you huh.

Question : Guruji, do you believe in rebirth?

Guruji : I don’t believe it. I just know it!

Question : Guruji, I have gone through several experiences, which are not so good. Some of them I am not able to forget. What to do?

Guruji : By experience you become mature. Every pleasant or unpleasant experience makes you strong!

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Knowlege from His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar.

Don’t let politics sway you away from the path. If you are afraid of politics you cannot be successful in the spiritual realm. You have to cross the barricade of politics. It is the test of your strength, commitment, and your focus.

You cannot avoid politics, but to harbor it in your mind or not, is your choice.

There were politics among the 12 apostles, and among the followers of , Krishna was in politics from head to toe. And you say you don’t want politics?

The more you don’t want it, the more you will harbor it in your consciousness. When you recognize politics in any group or Satsang, that is a blessing for you to be centered and go inward. You can do that without blaming the group and running away from people. It can enhance your skill to act and not get attached.

Advantages of politics:

— Brings up diversity in people.

— Puts in front of you different viewpoints, ways, and tendencies.

— Enhances your skill to communicate and act.

— Brings centeredness and dispassion.

— Shakes you up and makes you stand up to the knowledge.

— Enhances your capacity to accept and tolerate.

— Makes you realize the whole life is a game.

Cross the threshold of politics and come to the Divine.

The strong will smile through politics and the weak will lament.


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Guruji is on a tour of USA in May & July . The opportunity to be with Him, is NOT TO be missed by anybody. Especially folks who have experienced His Sudharshan Kriya. Money and Time are the top excuses people give to NOT make it to these events and be with HIM.

Guruji once said ( not verbatim) the money that has to be spent will be spent, it is upto us to spend it on Sattvic activities like these. Also it has been my experience and many thousands of devotees all over the world – the money and time that you spend for such rare events will come back to you in multi-fold. If, right now, your mind says “its IMPOSSIBLE to spend this kind of money or IMPOSSIBLE to leave work, kids, pets and go to meet Guruji “, i tell you for once act against your MIND and see what happens, it will be a turning point in your life, you will be breaking a big pattern in you life . You will STEP INTO THE BIG MIND . JaiGurudev.

I sincerely request you all to come and be in the presence of Guruji. His love for us is Soooooo..Much that he keeps running after us and comes to USA :-), come lets all Laugh Sing Dance & Meditate with the Divine.

Click this link to see more details of Gurudev’s 2008 USA visit

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‘A Photograph to Treasure’

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Click on image to make it more readable !

By His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar

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