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Most of you would have seen this, this is one of my fav song from Vikram and very beautiful photos of Guruji.. JaiGurudeva !


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#1 Keep your mind happy come what may . Commitment to be HAPPY
#2 Accept the world as it is , even the most foolish acts accept it as it is . Use the three point program to release any non-acceptance. (Breath In , Connect to Guruji and Breath Out.)
#3 With this happy and accepting mind, take complete responsibity. Ask How can i be useful, what should i do right now ? Keep your mind in the responsibity mode all the time even in the worst situation , thats the training.

– Rishi Nityapragya

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Rishiji in Kansas City, June 29th 2008

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This post is dedicated to the Nandi outside Vishalakshi Mantap 🙂

When Guruji was in Seattle a month back , he entered the hall and made the sound Shhhhhhh, the entire hall became silent , he then made the sound, Wahhhhhh !!

He then explained any where in the world ‘Shhhh’ sound has the effect to silence and Wahhhhhhh or Wowww is the sound to show amazement.

He futher continued to say: The ancient Rishi’s knew this – ‘Shhhhhhh’ when their mind became silent in Meditation it brought the amazement in them ‘Wahhhh ‘

THIS IS ‘SHIVA’ ( Shhhh Wahhhh)

the Shiva Tattva ( principle) permeates the entire existence.  Such wonderful knowledge.

This is the photo of the Nandi outside the Vishalakshi Mantap. Guruji does Rudra Puja every Monday, in his absence one of our Swamijis do the puja.

Nandi in Sanskrit means “The joyful” . Guruji has also said “The greatest form of Worship is to be HAPPY” Nandi is the perfect devotee, kneeling humbly before His Master  (Lord Siva), ever concentrated on Him. The ideal and goal of the bhakta is to behold the Master in everything.

Jai Guru Dev!

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Shiva was assisting didi on our Guru Puja course, i initially thought he was an AOL teacher from Bay area. I was chatting with him and i learnt he was travelling with Guruji on the US tour and was from our Bangalore Ashram. I asked him how he became a full time teacher.

Shiva’s an MBA from one of the top B-schools and was a hi-flyer in HSBC bank, working for the Treasury department. In one of the meetings with Guruji, Guruji told him “Come and stay with me after 3 years” Every year after that Guruji reminded him 2 years left , 1 year left and finally after 3 years, Guruji on the exact day called him from the German Ashram and asked him to meet him in Bangalore when he returns !

Shiva quit his job and moved to the Bangalore ashram ! He is now the CEO of the trust that runs all Sri Sri Vidya Mandir schools in India , and the soon to open Sri Sri University. He works for the worlds best BOSS !

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