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Communal tension has mounted in Kandhamal district of Orissa, India, following the killing of a Hindu Swamiji  and four others on August 23, 2008.Guruji appeals for communal harmony in Orissa.


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A for Awareness

B for Belongingness

C for Commitment

D for Devotion

E for Enthusiasm

F for Faith

G for Guruji !!!!

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On the last night of our ttc we called Guruji , 2 rings and Gurudev picks up the phone !! He spoke to us for some time and this is the key message we (ttc participants) got from Guruji. I think all of us should work towards this. Jai Gurudev

Guruji: Very good. You are all in very high spirits I can see that.
You know what. When you all go back. I think you all should do a sort of yoga, free yoga programs, courses, Breath Water Sound, free yoga for the health and happiness of people everywhere. That’s good thing to, you know. a good way to bring people and even by advertising you can have yoga and meditation for health and happiness, Art of living Yoga and Meditation. It is more acceptable with mainstream people because the art of living the name is so abstract that people don’t understand.

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Throughout the ages, in all cultures, place, time, persons and symbols were all considered sacred. Whenever you consider a symbol, place, time, person or act sacred, your attention is undivided and whole. When things are ordinary and same, you tend to slip into unawareness and inertia. The moment you consider something sacred, your inertia disappears and you become more alive. There is nothing as fulfilling as a sacred act. You put your heart and soul in a sacred act. When every action of yours becomes sacred, you have become one with the Divine. Then every minute of your life is sacred, every place you go to becomes sacred, every person you meet is only your reflection, and every act of yours is sacred.

Question: Why does an act when performed repeatedly lose its sacredness?

Guruji: This happens when your memory overpowers your consciousness and you lose your sensitivity. For example, people living in Benares do not feel that it is a sacred place. That sensitivity is just not there.

Question: How can we preserve that feeling of sacredness in our acts?

Guruji : Through living in the present moment and through Sadhana. Your Sadhana will not allow your memory to overpower consciousness. Repetition is not a hindrance then.

The Native American Indians and the tribals consider the earth, sun, moon and all the directions as sacred. In the ancient tradition, the Rishis considered all the rivers, mountains and even animals, trees and herbs as sacred. What to say of people? They are definitely sacred!

In different parts of the world, certain symbols, certain places and different times of the year are considered sacred. Various cultures honor certain people and consider them as sacred. For example, Christians consider the Cross, Jerusalem, Christmas and the Pope as sacred. For Muslims, the Crescent Moon, Mecca and the month of Ramadan are sacred. The Hindus consider the river Ganges, the Himalayas and the Swamis as sacred.It is good to begin feeling that some symbols, places, time and people are sacred so that you can be awake and alive. But eventually you need to transcend and feel that the entire creation and your whole life is sacred. For the man of God, the whole world, with all its symbols, places and people are sacred at all times.

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Source : Thanks to Balsree

I slowly walked out of the material prison and entered ashram with helmet on my head. I did my best to enact what vasudeva did while carrying Krishna on his head. As I crossed the hurdles, the ever new born Krishna had quietly settled onto the new swing. Babies are often found in cradles when they are born but
our Krishna is different.  He was sitting and meditating, totally unusual for a new born where one expects him to cry and make some sound. But he was in perfect bliss, conforming to the quality of a new born. I did hear few cries and tears rolling. But that was from the people who had come to see the new born. Ecstatic people began to sing few lines sharing their joy and excitement.  Sometimes out of tune. But what else one can expect from them. The new born already had a younger sister sitting in front of him. Ah! How is that possible?

I don’t know but they have even named her and sweetly call her Bhanu didi. Everybody was expecting the new born to speak! It sounds a bit crazy expectation. But the day was so special and this miracle also happened a little later.

It is said that it rained a lot when Krishna was born. But luckily it was off day for the Bangalore rains so that we can rather soak in bliss. Just when there were signs of Krishna opening his eyes, the crowd could not resist what they wanted to say all along “Happy Birthday to you!”. A sound “Hmmm” emanated from nowhere and received a thunderous response from one and all. A combination of shyness, pride, happiness, mischief was found in his smile. We all felt proud of coming one step closer in exposing his true identity!

And then he began. What do we want to discuss today? And then he cheerfully remarked “It is so obvious”.

Krishna said I am the consciousness. Those who think that I am the body are mistaken. During the war, Krishna was imparting bhagavat gita to Arjuna. Krishna told arjuna that he had given the same knowledge to one Vamsi(Oops forgot the name). Arjuna was puzzled because the person whom krishna refers to lived millions of years ago and  so questioned Krishna as to how that was possible. Krishna told Arjuna that we have had many life times before. The only difference is that I remember them and you don’t. Krishna told Arjuna that everything here is recycled. Guruji then beautifully made us aware of the recycled phenomena. We take grains and it gets converted to this body. After sometime our body gets back to earth. And from earth grows the grain. Everything here is recycled. Even the air that we breathe is recycled. It enters our body, leaves the body, travels all over the world, gets purified by trees and comes back into us. Flowers and leaves fall from the tree and become manure and from manure, the tree grows and then the flower blossoms.
After the war was over, Arjuna told Krishna that the knowledge he received was so good but he forgot what Krishna said. He asked Krishna if he can repeat the knowledge that he imparted. Krishna answered in the negative and said ” I was in a state of bliss at that time and the knowledge came. Now I am not in that
state and therefore can’t give the knowledge”. Guruji then typically remarked. Isn’t this what most of us go through. We get some knowledge but forget them. Our joy knew no bounds for even Arjuna was like us in terms of memory power!  There are many aspects in Krishna’s life which has not come into light. Do you
know that Krishna was a perfect student? He went to a rishi (oops, forgot the name) and studied sincerely under his guidance. He was also a perfect friend. When kuselan (sudhama) came to see him, krishna washed his feet and welcomed him. Sudhama was totally engrossed with krishna that he forgot to ask what he
came. Yet, sudhama got what he wanted.
Krishna was born in the eastern part of India and went on to live for 125 years. Even during his last days, Krishna was so youthful. There was no sign of old age. This is because of the spirit that is within! Krishna told that there is no difference between you and me. It’s all the same spirit that resides in us. Guruji then continued, “Have you seen children?” They are so attractive. Do you know why? He said, “It is because spirit dominates the mind and intellect. When Mind and Intellect dominates, we look otherwise. He also asked, “Have you looked into the eyes of people who have lot of faith and hope”. Their face is so charming. It is because Spirit dominates the mind and the intellect.

Govindh is a beautiful word. In Sanskrit, Go means Knowledge and Vindh means giver. Govindh is one who gives knowledge. Go also means Wisdom and Pal means protector. Gopal is the one who protects Wisdom. Go also means Journey. It is the journey towards Truth. The English word go is derived from the Sanskrit
word go. Go also means the cow. Cow both moves and protects us by giving milk. But we remember only this meaning (cow) of Go and have forgotten the rest. Guruji then said that Krishna is the sweetness in the sweet, brilliance in the brilliant. You can go on saying like that. Krishna is also the light. Guruji also reminded everyone who has not yet read bhagavat gita to do read it.

Disclaimer: My memory is as good as Arjuna’s!!! 🙂

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5103 years ago Sri Krishna was born. Gokul means the family/society where there is knowledge. If you look at Krishnas life its amazing. As a friend, child, thief, musician, husband, teacher, lover from every aspect He was the best and complete. He was an uncrowned king. We still remember His journey from Brindavan to Dwarka.

Krishna said 4 kinds of people worship me a)Miserable people b) Those who want something c) Those who want to know what is life and d) Gnanis. Know that I am not separate from the Gnani. Gnani is Me and Im Gnani.

Radha  is longing and Krishna is love. Vasudeva (Ananda) brings Krishna to Gokul when every one is sleeping. This means when the senses sleep Love comes out through ananda. Rama and Krishna are completely opposite in nature. Rama was born in the noon and Krishna midnight. Rama was always a sishya, i.e. a student throughout His life, whereas Krishna was always a teacher. He was a Guru even to His mother. Rama respected every one. Every one respected Krishna.

Both are needed for making life colorful and lively.

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