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90412059ckk– First, there is friendliness. If you feel friendly for those who are happy, you will overcome jealousy.

– For people who are suffering, you should have only compassion, and not friendliness.

– Be happy for those who do good work, who are productive, and meritous.

– For those who are doing bad things, feel indifference, not hatred.

These are the four different attitudes in our life. If we practise these, we will save our ‘mann’ (mind). When any other feeling opposite to this bothers you, then reverse your feelings. When you feel jealous, turn it around to love. Feelings cannot be changed by effort, but only through intention.

– Talk by Gurudev quotingRishi Patanjali

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Guruji at the Brahma Muhurt program, Colombo April 20th 2009

Q: Why are we here back on earth if we have to eat, breathe, sleep? What is the purpose of life?
His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: What is the purpose of life? Make a list. Your purpose is not to eat, breathe, sleep. (laughter) Your purpose is not to watch TV, die, fight. Your purpose is not to be selfish. If you go by elimination, you will find the purpose.

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Yoga karmasu kaushalam. Yoga does not mean only doing asanas. Yoga also means – jnana yoga or the yoga of knowledge. When you are in devotion, it is called bhakti yoga and when you are doing service, it is karma yoga. Doing service without expectation of any rewards is karma yoga.

Yoga karmasu kaushalam. You should write this on the wall of your house. Also write something else – Samattvam yoga uchyate. There should be equanimity in the mind. But it is of no use if you only write it on the wall and it only remains there. Instead write this in your head and inside you.

-Excerpt from a Talk by Gurudev

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