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Excited I will be spending Guru Purnima with Gurudev @ Hartford !! JaiGurudev


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Courtesy from Bawa’s blog http://bawandinesh.blogspot.com/

Here is the transcript of Guruji’s talk in the Satsang on Guru Poornima, 18th July 2008

How many of you are thinking “Guruji say something?”…Huh?

What is there to talk? What is there to talk? Hmm..? We all are happy & celebrating

Meditation, singing, celebrating on Guru Poornima day is considered very auspicious thing. Certain days in a year when you participate in satsang and meditate it compensates for the other days which you have not done….hahahaha 🙂

That doesn’t mean…that u can take this as an excuse for not meditating everyday.One of those days is Guru Poornima. In satsang you participate and get the merit of not doing for many days (during the year)….hmmmm

(someone asked Guruji why are you so sweet) I am made like this…..Apple is sweet, that is how it is made, apple is sweet by nature… isn’t it? Hmmmmmmmmm

What else?

Yes, today you all can have one wish…whatever wish you want to have…just before going to bed make a wish in your mind, our intentions are powerful and they manifest in the right congenial time, at right place with right attitude, they just click.

All blessings are there for everybody… lots of blessings Universe is showering blessing. You only have to catch it. Open to it

You know in Sanskrit Guru means ‘heavy’ which is weighty, Guruji is light but words of Guru is weighty and Gravitational force is called Gurutva in Sanskrit.

So many meanings… 🙂 Hmmmmmm

You know our 5 fingers , all the 5 planets are there. Thumb indicates – victory (u win) right!! Who wins? One who fights… who fights? Commander in chief military (this is Mars) 2nd Finger (index finger) is Jupiter is Guru…..its the indicator…when you want to show the way its like this… Throughout the world this is how the way is shown… This is Jupiter…..what do u do with this? Pointer indicates. What does Guru do? He indicates/ points out. So that is Jupiter.

Saturn, one of the farthest planet is Saturn, the biggest, tall, Saturn is servant. You know servant has to good and well built, if the servant is weaker then master then how can he carry the luggage. Servant have to carry the luggage of the Master, king or anybody for which he has to be strong. Tall servant.

Then the king…where do u put your ring? jewels, that is ring finger (this is sun) nobody puts ring here to the thumb, but where do they put the ring? In the ring finger…in fact we call it ring finger. King cannot stay alone but he needs servant along with him. So this is sun cannot stand alone.

The little one is the business one, its mercury. on one side of the Sun stands Mercury- business man and on the other side is Saturn- servant.

And Jupiter. So all the planets are in the hand, its indicated when Jupiter and Mars are together meaning the power is together with wisdom in the commander in chief that is called chin mudra.

And when all the king, servant, business man all together its chinmay mudra its higher consciousness in society, cause when wisdom dominates its higher consciousness. And there is beauty, love and abundance.So whole story is in the fingers.

And children when they are born they put on this mudra, all the babies sleeps in chin mudra , they are so wise. Chinmay mudra. Carefree mind. Joyful mind is chinmay mudra, baby sleeps on that and when they start walking. They suck the thumb u know…is means …now no more in 4 legs….its now 2 legs and 2 arms….so the nature teaches us the whole yoga. Its very good…very good…

See the guru principal is prevalent in all the culture of the society of the world. Even here in America you can’t play soccer without a coach or mentor. You need a guide, even when you need to write P.hd, no body will give you doctorate when you don’t have u guide. Am I correct…? You have to work under some guide.

And word guide comes from the original Sanskrit word Guru. Sanskrit its Guru and in English it becomes guide, so in every field you need a mentor and in a field which is so abstract and subtle like spirituality, consciousness then definitely needs a mentor and that is a Satguru!

Mother is a first guru for everybody and each one of you should play the role of Guru for at least some people in your life. When you want nothing from them other then their own happiness their own progress. Can you be guru like that for some people? Like you become father or mother to somebody you should also be Guru to someone. Don’t have to tell them “I am your Guru”. Now you have to play the role of the Guru. Never, assert that u are a Guru. Be light like a flower that is Art of Living. Do u see what I am saying?

Play the role of the guru in the sense you are caring for them unconditionally. You care for them without expecting what they are going to do for you and what the result is going to be. Unconditional care for someone. Start with few and it can spread to many…that you all can do…isn’t it? Can everybody be?

In fact Guru Tatva it is principal light within us, the light in our heart, the light in our life. Hmmm… Viveka….wisdom that tatva also dawns …ok…. So….when you come here in this path, in this Knowledge you will never go empty handed. Just ask, there is proverb its “Ask and it shall be given!”….that is what Guru Poornima all about…

Definitely!….ask it shall be given… Lets us sing few bhajans!

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Excerpt from 1990 Guru Poornima talk by Guruji.

Hymkara Shrimkara Rahasya Yuktaha, Hreemkara Gudartha Maha Vibhutyaha
Omkara Marma Prati Padhi Needbyam, Namoh Namah Sri Sri Gurupadhukabyam

Students are all over , disciples are few, but Devotees are rare. There is nothing great in becoming God but it is great to become a Devotee. Attraction is somewhere , love is everywhere but devotion is very rare.

Devotion is very beautiful. a student comes to the master with tears in his eyes when he leaves also he has tears but the quality of the tear is very different , still tears flow , it is of Gratitude , of Love. If one has cried even once in love they know what is devotion , what is surrender,  the entire creation rejoices.

One of Buddha disciple Sareputra got enlightened.  When he got enlightened Buddha told him go to the world and teach , but Sareputra was crying and crying and crying . People asked him , you are enlightened but why you are crying ??

He replied , “who cares about enlightenment. it could have waited. i did not even bother about it , I never asked for it . But the joy of being at the feet of Buddha was so great . being a devotee was so great and i am missing it. I would have preferred that for enlightenment.”

Love and Gratitude to our dear Guruji Sri Sri. Jaigurudev

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Gurudev’s Coimbatore visit 13th Feb 2008 : Source <gopuaol@hotmail.com>

Guruji : How many of you have body pains since early in the morning, raise your hand ?

(There was about 25% of the crowd raising their hands)

Guruji : You know why? We eat the crops that are cultivated by using chemical fertilizers. This causes a lot of diseases in our body. Do you understand? We don’t detoxify the body. To get good yield we use artificial chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Because of these fertilizers, soil turns toxic and he produce from the soil in turn becomes toxic and our body gets toxic substances as we eat them which cause disease and pain.

How many have hip, joint, back pains and different kinds of headaches. I don’t want you to tell me the number of head aches that you have at home!!! If we have to get rid of all these pains and diseases, we have to go back to our traditional method of farming. We have to do natural farming, Zero budget farming low-cost, more yield, better health. So we have to take this as a revolution to the farmers.

You know the white sugar is termed as white poison in western countries. As it overs the knobs of the intestine and stops the nutrients from being absorbed by the body. The children who consume a lot of sugar are mostly lean because of
lack of nutrition. If you stop giving them sugar, they will start getting healthier. We eat a lot of sugar and reduce our body growth as well. So instead if white sugar you should start consuming cane sugar which is in turn good for the body. It helps the liver as it has minerals. We have to know how to eat tell not how to eat more.

Similarly we need to learn breathing practices to keep our body healthy and earn meditation to get peace of mind and these things are very much essential for life. We should have knowledge and awareness on meditation, breathing
practices and food.

Now let us switch on to cane sugar. The only difference that you may notice is that gulab jamuns would look much darker and jalebis would be of a different color!!! It does not matter.

After 30 -32 years everyone should take 3 Triphala tablets at night. It sets right all the three doshas, vata, pitha and kapha in the body. . It eliminates toxins from the body. Even if there is a problem with the food, Triphala clears
the stomach and helps in good elimination the next morning. It also maximizes anti- oxidization in the body. All of you should take “Triphala” and you yan see the effect in your body within 5 to 7 days.

“Deva Vati” is a good cure for amebiosis and other diseases caused by change in food and water. It is harmless and every one must carry with them wherever they go. It replaces antibiotics like Flagyl and others. Two to three “Deva Vati” can cure ever.

In India, what ever we prepare we add turmeric in it. You know why? Because of its anti-oxidant properties and it has medicinal value. In 1980, we called upon scientists for a conference in Delhi. When asked about the use of turmeric, they said it is just a color pigment without any value. Today, the foreigners may turmeric is an antioxidant and it can give immunization against Cancer and let we do not understand its real value.

In Tamilnadu we add turmeric in the pickles, especially the lemon pickles. Turmeric means Goddess Devi. She is
incarnation of lemon, turmeric, and neem. All the three plants are considered sacred in our country and they all give good energy to our body. If we grow lemon and tulsi in each and every house we can have good health in our country.

You know in our country there is a shortfall in the production of pulses. We are importing nearly 40% of the pulses and if this continues we will not have sufficient food In the future. So we have to plant pulses in our home garden and our women can do it.

My Grandmother was in Papanasam even at the age of 92 years she used to do things for herself and she had a good system of eating. Like, eating “Agathi Keerai” , on every “Dwadesi” day ( The day after ekadesi Fasting) and she used to take two kinds of vegetables . She had laid rules for herself and hence had a lot of energy. In the next generation the energy level came down and now in our generation it is getting lower.

One more interesting thing you know our “Idly” is considered to be the most nutritious food in the World. Because it contains carbohydrates, proteins, enzymes, fats, amino acids and fiber.
Every one should consume ghee. Ghee helps the body to absorb nutrients. If I start talking on food I can go on for hours together. “Idly” is said to be the complete food it is a happy thing to know don’t you think so.


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Satsang talk by Guruji in Bangalore Ashram few years ago :

So have you all become like children ? The signs of a sadhak are contentment, bliss, patience and awareness.
You would see that some people are only in bliss – they are blissed out , and they cannot take right decisions. they mess up. They lack awareness. Some others are only in awareness, very alert, and therefore they get angry. They are not in bliss , but bliss and awareness are like two legs. to be balanced in life you need both. without any one of them you go through life being lame, limping.
What do you do with a cell phone? You talk and the battery runs down and then you put the plug of the charger to the power source, recharge and talk again, right ? Is a dead cell phone any use ? Do you hold a dead cell phone to your ears and keep on talking ? Then the person at the other end would not hear anything, right ? It is the same with our lives. people go on through with their life like dead cell phones – they are not even aware !

I tell you sadhana ( spiritual practice) is your charger in the world. It connects you to the source and the talking is the work that you do in the world.With all the talking when the charge runs out, you are drained, then you need to recharge with sadhana and of course, only then are your prayers heard – with a dead cell phone your words are not heard on the other side – your sadhana will make your prayers heard.

– His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar

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By His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar

Life has four characteristics: it exists, evolves, expresses and extinguishes. And for these, it depends on five elements: the earth, water, air, ether and fire. These correspond to the five senses: sight, smell, taste, sound and touch.Ayurveda is the study of life — Veda means to know and Ayur is life. According to Ayurveda, life or existence is not rigid compartments — it is a harmonious flow. Even the five elements are not tight compartments of defined objects — they flow into one another. Each one of the elements contains the other four. So, the approach of Ayurveda towards life is holistic.The subtlest element in us is space, which the mind is made up of, and the grossest element is the earth, which our bones, skin and body structure are made up of. To understand the physiology, its characteristics and its reflection on the mind, the human system is divided into three Doshas or imbalances: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.When an illness arises, it manifests first in the thought form, which is the subtlest aspect, and then in the sound form. Thereafter it manifests in the light form, that is, in the aura. It is only then that the illness manifests itself in the body. To begin with, simple symptoms arise in the fluid form, which can be eradicated, and then only they manifest in the grossest form, where they need medication. In aromatherapy, an illness can be cured just through fragrance. It is mostly focussed on the preventive aspect.The holistic approach of Ayurveda includes exercising, breathing and meditation. Breath is synonymous to life. For all practical purposes, if someone is not breathing, that’s the sign that there is no life there.

It is very interesting to notice the relationship between breath and the three Doshas in the body. These Doshas affect certain parts of the body more than the others. For example, Vata Dosha is predominant in the lower part of the body — stomach, intestine etc. Diseases like gastric problems and joint aches are caused due to this. Kapha Dosha is predominant in the middle part of the body. Cough is mainly a result of Kapha imbalance. Pitta affects the upper part of the body i.e., the head — short temper is a sign of Pitta.

In the breathing techniques, the three-stage pranayama has effect on these three Doshas. Among different breathing techniques, there are specific breathing exercises for lower, middle and upper parts of the body. After the three-stage pranayama, you would feel that the Doshas in your body have altered. Something in the body changes; you no longer feel the same, you feel more balanced. The pranayama brings that balance in the system. Once you get in the rhythm of the pranayama, you will find the balance setting in. Making it a habit is difficult, but not the practice itself. Definite rhythms or breathing patterns correct these Doshas and bring the balance to the connected parts of the body. You can also find the three Doshas in our fingers and the nerve endings. For example, the index finger is Kapha; the middle finger is Vata, and the ring finger, Pitta. You can discern the Doshas running in the body by the shape of someone’s fingers. Practice of Mudra pranayamas, i.e., gently pressing the nerve endings in the fingertips in a subtle way and breathing with the Ujjayi breath, also balances the Doshas in the body.

Wait for Part 2 of this talk  ….

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